workshops, presentations, lectures
April 13-22, 2007
Bratislava, Slovakia

Premiere appearance of the Open Design Studio project under the name of Open Design Studio 01 took place in 2007 at the Multiplace Festival of Network Cultures in Bratislava, which was held as part of the Infocenter Festival at A4 Space. During the festival, the project prioritized student education through active workshop involvement and lectures on the topics of collaboration within the graphic design realm. The name of the Multplace festival clearly indicates that the aim was to bring together young and thriving domestic and foreign graphic designers and present their work by means of the internet and new media. Workshop topics also revolved around the concepts of networking and collaboration in general, and were eventually published in the festival’s official magazine/gazette.


name > Multipis
topic > Festival Magazine - Multipis
location > A4-Culture center, Bratislava
date > April 13-22, 2007
place >

The workshop was profiled to deal with ways of effectively transposing dynamic multimedia events, such as sound, video, projections, dj-ing, and installations, to a static medium, like a magazine for instance. During the workshop, participants were entrusted with a task to develop Multipis as an activity journal for the Multiplace festival. ----------------------------------------------------
co-ordinator: Martin Mistrík (SK)
participants: high-school students
support: doc. Pavol Choma, akad. mal.


name > Killing me Microsoftly
topic > Festival Collaboration
date > April 16–17, 2007.
place >

The workshop was conceptualized as a 12 person project within which the participants used nonconventional software in terms of creative production (office programs, text editors) to creatively shape the objects provided as the workshop topics.
Participants: students of the Department for Visual Communications, Academy of Art and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia
Co-ordinators: Peter Nosáľ (SK), Katarína Balážiková (SK)


event type > design show
participants > Ondrej Jób(SK), Alex Blanco(SK), Nina Weisslechner(SK)
date > April 14-21, 2007
place >

Live nightly broadcasts from the designer’s desktops! Instead of auditory presentation, the designers employed their desktops and internet to reveal some of their trade secrets. The meaning of such an approach to presenting one’s work is that it reveals the designer’s workflow, which then becomes available as an adequate educational supplement, all wrapped up in entertainment and fun.
performers: Ondrej Jób (SK), Alex Blanco (SK), Nina Weisslechner (SK)