workshop, web-site, campagne
May 2012 - 2013


Bratislava - Ružinov City Municipality
SUA Architecture
TV Ružinov
Ružinovské Echo


Academy of Fine Arts
and Design in Bratislava
Slovak Technical University


Fasades of panel houses in Ružinov passed during the last decent variety of visual changes and never been comprehensively designed. The consequence of such development is a visual and aesthetic chaos, which affects the public space and the overall image of the city. For this reason, we created the project, whose main objective is the cooperation with the Ružinov Municipality to bring workable solution. The project involves several steps: urban research, analysis of the current state mapping, meetings with experts and workshop. The project website contains the current state of research in this area, the concept of explanation offers advice for residents of Ružinov and managers of apartment buildings as well as proposals for specific color solutions. The project has the ambition to be one of the steps towards functional legislation that would help to regulate the facades in the future.


date > November 2012
location > Ružinov City Municipality
city > Bratislava, Slovakia

Mgr. art. Katarína Lukić Balážiková
B. Art Hana Hudáková
Mgr. art. Branislav Škopek
Mgr. art. Martin Uhrík, PhD
Ing. Arch. Alena Bindzárová
Bc. Juraj Pecho
Mgr. art Veronika Melicherová


authors: Katarína Lukić Balážiková, Hana Hudáková, Branislav Škopek, Martin Uhrík, Alena Bindzárová, Juraj Pecho, Veronika Melicherová

The research showed that Ružinov was planned as community. Therefor we decided to bring it back to life and define usage of colors depending on them. This could help the citizens and owners in making common decisionas and avoid the chaos for the future. We defined communities called neighbourhoods and defined the basic elements of house tectonic. These elements should be colored with the color of the community.


date > January - March 2013
media > posters, leaflets,
printed media, tv media,

After workshop and public presentation our theam lounched the wide promotion during the print and media campagne. Posters and leaflets were distribited all over the Ružinov city district and local and national print and tv media were contacted to spread the idea and new concept.