workshop, presentations, lectures, exhibition
October 15–28, 2007
Novi Sad, Serbia

Open Design Studio 02 project was presented to Novi Sad audience between the dates 13.-28. October 2007 in the gallery ULUV – Federation of Associations of Artists of Vojvodina. The project focus was on providing supplemental education to the students of Bogdan Suput Secondary School for Design, presenting the works of Serbian and foreign graphic designers to the local audience, and developing an international communication network of young Serbian and Slovak designers.

Open Your Eyes

event type > workshop
date > October 15–20, 2007
participants > students of Bogdan Suput Secondary School for Design
topic > public transport information and navigation systems
place> SULUV Gallery

The workshop aim was to initialize topics concerning the city’s public sectors and means of high quality visual communication, as well as to provide a solution for the City of Novi Sad public transport navigation system. The students were provided with an opportunity to develop new proposals for the visual navigation system for city buses.

Open Your Mind

event type > lectures
date > October 15–16, 2007
lecturers > Katarína Balažiková, Martin Mistrík, Mikina Dimunová (SK)
place> SULUV Gallery

A series of lectures held for workshop participants and the public sector on the topics of visual culture, means of communication in public spaces, and public transport information systems.

Open Your Eyes

event type > exhibition
date > October 22–28, 2007
place > SULUV Gallery

The exhibition was centered on the works produced in the Open Your Eyes workshop. The intention was to establish a communication line between the city governance and the local community which would attend to improvement of the public transport information system in the city of Novi Sad. Moreover, the exhibition attempted to show how members of the community, in this particular case high school students and designers, can actively participate in the creation of the visual public transport information system for the city of Novi Sad.

Open Desktop!

event type > designer presentations
date > October 15–22, 2007
place > SULUV Gallery

Live broadcasts from the designer’s desktops! Instead of sound, the designers employed their desktops and internet to reveal some of their secrets. The meaning of such an approach to presenting one’s work is that it reveals the designer’s workflow, now available as an adequate educational supplement, all wrapped up in entertainment and fun. --------------------------------------------------------------- performing designers: Brano Matis (SR), Marija Kovačević (RS), Eric Glatre (FR), Samuel Dahan (CH), Marcel Benčík (SR), Ondrej Jób (SR), Filip Bojović (RS), Predrag Nikolić (RS), Nikola Latković (CG), Peter Liška (SR)